List of Courses

Brigham Young University (2023-Present)

Digital Humanities
DIGHT 250: Web Publishing

University of California, Davis (2016–2023)

First Year Seminars
    • Popular Medievalism: Exploring Medieval Tales in Modern Media
      • Beowulf
      • Morte d’Arthur
    • Sonic Literacies and Media Activism
University Writing 7: Practices in College Reading & Writing
University Writing 101: Advanced Composition
University Writing 102B: Biological Sciences
University Writing 104T: Technical Writing
University Writing 110: User Experience
    • Designing the User Experience
    • User Research
    • Writing for UX
University Writing  298: Graduate Writing in the Humanities & Social Sciences

Iowa State University (2011—2016)

English 150: Critical Thinking & Communication
English 250: Written, Oral, Visual, & Electronic Composition
English 313: Rhetorical Website Design
English 350: Rhetorical Traditions
    • Digital Rhetoric
    • Rhetoric of Social Media
English 477: Seminar in Technical Communication
    • Information Architecture
    • User Experience
English 500: Teaching Multimodal Composition
English 503: Composition Theory
    • Teaching with Technology
English 505: User Experience Architecture & Testing
English 508: Writing for Academic Publication
    • Print Journals
    • Multimedia Journals
English 542: Production Processes for Technical Documents
Human Computing Interaction
HCI 596: Emerging Practices in Human-Computer Interaction
    • User Experience
    • Contextual Inquiry
    • Usability Testing

Old Dominion University (2007—2011)

English 110c: Freshman Domposition
English 131: Introduction to Technical & Scientific Writing 
English 307: Digital Writing
English 403/503: Medieval :iterature
English 439/539: Writing in Eectronic Environments 
English 473/573: Writing with Video
English 665: Teaching Writing with Technology 
English 701: Texts & Technologies
English 766/866: New Media Theory & Practice I 
English 771/871: New Media Theory & Practice II
English 891: Writing with Sound 
English 892: Dissertation Seminar
English 794/894: Seminar in New Media

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2000—2007)

Academic Reading, Bridge Transition Program 
Business & Technical Writing 263: Multimedia Writing & Design
Business & Technical Writing 271: Persuasion 
English 482: Writing Technologies
Rhetoric 100: College Writing Tutorial
Rhetoric 101: College Writing
Rhetoric 102: College Writing
Rhetoric 105: Principles of Composition for Art & Design Majors 

Riverside Community College (2000)

English 50 A: Basic Composition
English 60 A: English Fundamentals: Sentence to Paragraph 

California State University, East Bay (1997—1998)

English 801: Intensive Learning Experience in Writing I 
English 802: Intensive Learning Experience in Writing II
English 803: Intensive Learning Experience in Writing III
English 806: English for Non-Native Speakers III
English 920: Developmental Writing II

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